NEW Synthesi pallet wrapper at a price you cannot ignore.

Atlanta Packaging UK are pleased to announce an innovative new way to help and encourage UK companies enter the automated pallet wrapping market with minimum cost and maximum benefits.

All palletised loads benefit from automated wrapping as opposed to using hand wrap film applied by an operator. Automated wrapping removes those Health & Safety concerns employers should have about the application of hand film which can cause serious back problems and associated trip hazards when moving around a pallet on the floor with a roll of film. Installation and operation of the wrapper is so easy and straightforward, there is no need for a time consuming, money wasting, on site demonstration. 

You and your company can soon be the proud owners of a Synthesi FM semi automatic pallet wrapper and start benefitting from cheaper wrapping costs (compared to hand wrap) from the first day it arrives on site.

The machine is flat packed for on site installation using your own, non technical, staff. The machine comes with a detailed manual explaining how to install, connect and operate the machine. Installation is very straightforward and could not be easier. The mast is already pre wired internally and secured to the base with a fixed hinge so all you have to do is raise the mast and secure with the bolts supplied. The film carriage is already in place so everything is ready to go in a few minutes. Power connection could not be easier, the machine comes with a five metre flex cable with the wires pre prepared for your plug top or for wiring directly into the factory ring main. The machine uses a 6 amp, 240v supply which should be protected with a 300ma breaker. Should you experience any problems or need clarification regarding any part of the installation or operation you can call us on our helpline number which will be issued with the machine at collection.

Want it delivered? No problem, for a very modest fee, we can deliver via the pallet distribution network anywhere on the UK mainland. As soon as your account is settled or line of credit approved, we can get it away in a few days.

Want it delivered AND installed? Still no problem, our engineers will deliver, unpack, install, commission and train your operators at a time to suit you. Prices on application depending on location.

The Synthesi pallet stretch wrapper is a conventional turntable wrapper with vertical mast. Synthesi is supplied with a core brake film carriage which makes it ideal for wrapping a huge and diverse range of palletised loads using normal everyday stretch film as well as higher performing "pre stretched" films which are gaining popularity daily. This in NOT a "budget" machine. Designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy all Atlanta machines are precision made using high quality components from suppliers you can trust such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Omron, Weidmuller, SKF and Motovario. The machine comes with an electronic parts manual which allows you to identify parts down to the last nut, bolt and washer. As a reflection on the quality build of these machines, they come with a 12month warranty (excluding wear parts) giving the end user added confidence.

Synthesi wrapper

Features include:-

Very easy installation

Simple to understand operator controls (click on picture above)

Fork access front and back

Reinforced turntable support

Automatic height sensing of load

Pre set load height without photocell if required (open cages etc)

Adjustable bottom wraps

Adjustable top wraps

Facility to place a re enforcing band(s) around the load at any point

Facility to pause mid-cycle to place a waterproof top sheet

Adjustable up/down carriage speed

Adjustable film tension

Adjustable turntable speed

Soft start to prevent load tipping

Controls lockout to stop tampering (Parental lock)

Only 240v 6 Amp single phase power supply required

1650mm diameter turntable for 1200 x 1000 pallets (UK Standard)

2,200mm load height (including the pallet)

Optional ramp for loading with "ride on" or pump trucks

Optional grounding frame for installing the turntable at gound level

Optional "horseshoe" table for Euro pallets (only)

Synthesi TP

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