Stretch Wrapping Machine - Model Mytho

The Mytho stretch wrapping machine is a unique design, turntable machine. Due to the compact action of the lifting arm the machine can be used in areas with low headroom without the need for any special parts and the delay associated with their delivery. The unit for raising and lowering the film carriage is a sealed for life gearbox so maintenance is much reduced and safety is increased. The use of powered rollers to pre stretch the film before application greatly increases the yield from a film roll and also improves load containment. Expect to save about 40 to 50% over hand wrapping.


Features include:-

Very easy installation

Simple to understand operator controls

Fork access front and back

Reinforced turntable support

Automatic height sensing of load

Adjustable top and bottom wraps

Adjustable up/down carriage speed

Adjustable turntable speed

Soft start on turntable to prevent load tipping

Optional, automatic film cut off at cycle end

99 individual programs (Mytho)

Keypad lockout - (Mytho + Easy)

Start/stop wrapping at any vertical position (Mytho)

Automatic reinforcing wraps (Mytho)

Variable pre stretch ratio throughout wrap cycle (Mytho)

Variable wrapping tension throughout wrap cycle (Mytho + Easy)

Film weight calculation (Mytho)

2400mm wrap height as standard

Film carriage can be easily removed for upgrade or service

Core brake and power pre stretch options

The powered film stretching rollers are completley encased during operation making this one of the safest film carriages on the market - as the unit opens "like a book" it is also one of the easiest to load with a new roll of film. Roll over image below.

PRS closed

Mytho footprint


Mytho comes in two formats, Mytho and Mytho Easy - both models can be fitted with core brake or power pre stretch film carriages and alternative configurations can be supplied as below.

Mytho Easy TP

Mytho with roller top

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