Laser Guided Vehicles (AGV's)

Laser Guided Vehicles


The use of unmanned vehicles to move pallet loads around production and warehouse areas is becoming more and more cost effective. Even small installations can bring large benefits as the units require almost no maintenance, perform at 100% all the time, do no damage to the plant and don't take coffee or meal breaks.

Laser Guided Vehicles also benefit from not requiring any civil work such as laying magnetic strips in the floor. The laser beam, mounted on the top of the car, triangulates its position using mirrors placed at height around the work area. The system continually compares its actual position to its calculated position so any errors such as wheel spin from a wet floor will shut the unit down until it is manually accepted as ok and restarted. There are personnel detection units both front and rear to stop the LGV in case of any obstruction - removing the obstruction allows the LGV to resume its mission automatically. Routes can be changed using a PC allowing the system to be expanded including more cars, pick up and deposit stations quickly and easily.


The LGV can be fitted with any sort of FLT attachment including twin fork sets and reel clamps. For unstable products a top clamp can be used. Dont fill your factory floorspace with conveyors - allow LGV's to move pallets from end of line pick up stations to a common pallet stretch wrapper or into the warehouse area quickly and safely.

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